The future of sample
preparation for genomics

MicroPure Genomics Inc., an early-stage biotechnology company, is developing the only end-to-end, rapid automated sample preparation instrument, the μPrep platform. The μPrep not only automates sample preparation prior to sequencing but also reduces the preparation time, burden, and cost. 


MicroPure Genomics core technology of Electro-Hydrodynamic (EH) Trapping, developed at the University of Florida, selectively traps and purifies genomic material from anything.

MicroPure leverages their proprietary technology to enable end-to-end, fully automated and rapid sample preparation for sequencing, μPrep. The μPrep platform will reliably prepare the more difficult ultra-long DNA in a single cartridge.

Electro-Hydrodynamic Trapping gently and effectively separates genomic material.

Through our novel sample preparation platform, improvements in sample quality and overall preparation speed will lead to significantly more accurate information from sequencing and rapid results for same day diagnosis.

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